Industrial Solutions

Quintiles Transnational Corporation

  • Upfront Cost Savings:$53,000

  • Building Floors:9

  • Employees In Building:1,700

  • LEED Certification:Silver

When Quintiles Transnational Corporation, the world’s largest pharmaceutical services company, built their new headquarters building, they selected Piedmont Service Group to provide mechanical services and building automation systems for LEED certification.

Some unique energy efficient features of the building include an optimized waterside economizer, energy recovery units and integration of computer room precision cooling units into the BMS system. Quintiles earned an additional LEED point by installing an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) unit in lieu of dedicated CO2 monitoring equipment. The ERV recaptures heat using an air-to-air heat exchanger, saving energy in the facility; it reduced upfront installation costs by $53,000. Piedmont also equipped the building with a BACnet open protocol web-based energy management system. This allows facilities staff and mechanical engineers to remotely monitor and troubleshoot the building systems and communicate with equipment and lighting control systems.

Medicago USA

  • Sq. Foot Facility :97k

  • Vaccine Doses/Month:10M

  • Continuous Monitoring System:TREND

Medicago recently built a new facility in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina. This Virus-Like-Particle plant-based vaccine facility includes a fully automated greenhouse, customized infiltration systems, and a state of the art extraction and purification unit. The 97,000-square-foot facility is targeted to produce 10 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine per month. Medicago partnered with Piedmont Service Group to install the facility's mission critical greenhouse and office area HVAC systems as well as a TREND building automation & energy management system. In addition, Piedmont Service Group provides ongoing maintenance services to Medicago to ensure these systems operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.