Eagle Transport

Eagle Transport

  • Annual Energy Savings:$11,200

  • Annual Energy Savings:20%

  • Return On Investment:16.5%

  • ENERGY STAR Rating:87

Eagle Transport has been a long term partner with Piedmont since 1990 and the service agreement has been self-funding since year one. The journey began with a service contract on the HVAC equipment.

In 1996 the pneumatic control system was replaced with a Novar Logic One full building control system. In 2010, the HVAC equipment serving the building was 23 years old and still running well. Piedmont performed an energy survey of the building to identify potential energy improvements. Faced with the opportunity to reduce their energy bills by 20%, Eagle Transport decided to replace the aging rooftop units with newer, high efficiency, environmentally friendly units. A lighting study was also performed to measure the lighting levels and density. Based on the results, Piedmont’s solution was to do a complete lighting retrofit and adjust the layout to better meet the current lighting requirements. As a result of these changes and improvements over the years, Eagle Transport scored an 87 on Energy Star.