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Piedmont Service Group specializes in energy efficient HVAC solutions for clients throughout the Piedmont region of Virginia and the Carolinas. Our skilled technicians will keep your facilities running at peak performance - all day, every day.

"By partnering with Piedmont Service group for their retrofit projects, B/E Aerospace has recognized significant energy and operational savings."

~ B/E Aerospace

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Planned HVAC Maintenance Services

Piedmont Services Group's Planned Equipment Maintenance Program includes preventive and predictive maintenance services to avert potential failures and extend equipment life.

Using cutting-edge maintenance management systems, we customize each program to maximize efficiency and minimize equipment downtime to provide a comfortable, healthy and safe environment - the cornerstone of our success.

What to Expect:

While executing planned maintenance services for our clients, our technicians are trained to:

  • Evaluate the age, condition and design application of systems.
  • Identify impending problems in each piece of equipment.
  • Rapidly repair and replace worn or doubtful parts.
  • Look for opportunities to improve efficiency through incremental upgrades.
  • Maximize operational reliability and performance.

Drawing from best practices from leading organizations such as IFMA, BOMA, and the EPA, all service procedures and documentation follow industry guidelines to ensure their compatibility with each client's processes. Parts and materials are always sourced for the quickest and most cost-effective delivery and application.

At Piedmont Services Group, we understand that components have a life cycle of their own. Our goal is to help clients avoid system obsolescence with minimal capital grade investments.

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Free Download Turn your Facility's Data into Dollars

Learn how cutting-edge building analytics and automation services can be used as an invaluable tool for owners and managers to save time, money and energy by taking advantage of smart technology.

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Get Real-Time Building Analytics with Building SentinelTM

With Building Sentinel, a building's critical systems, equipment and work environments are monitored using expertly developed rules and algorithms to allow for proactive optimization of comfort, energy and reliability.

What goes into an HVAC System? Built Up system vs. Package (Unitary) system

Which one is right for your facility? See the difference and learn about the components each includes.

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